M.A. Ponsonby Ltd and its Board of Directors are committed to Customer Service and to that end, will supply all of the relevant Trucks, Trailers and Equipment together with the Relevant Expertise to meet the Clients Operational needs.

For example, the Ponsonby fleet incorporates a wide variety of….


Low Loader and Extendable Step-Frame low deck trailers for delivery of all Out of Gauge (OoG) Construction Machinery, subject to The Authorisation of Road Vehicle Special Types (General Order) 2003.

Flat Deck Trailers
with and without Twistlocks for Safe Delivery of all types of General Cargo and/or Emergency Standby Generators based upon ISO designs

Extendable Trailers
for Safe Delivery of all Types of Special Types Vehicles and/or Machines for the Construction and Rail Industries. Plus Non-Standard Fabrications of all types.


Please contact the office to ask for more details.
Telephone: 01543 682 255

Ponsonbys Low Loader and Step Frame

Flat Deck Trailer Ponsonbys

Extendable Trailers Ponsonbys