M A Ponsonby are specialists in moving Plant and Heavy Machinery for use in the construction industry. All our drivers are trained to Load and Unload all types of Large Machinery on site, should your machinery require loading via Crane or Hiab we are able to facilitate your requirements to suit your needs.

For the movement of Large machinery, we use Semi Low Loaders and operate number of different trailers to suit each job, for more complex moves on tight collection or delivery sites, we have power steer assisted trailers.

Should your load exceed the Gauge of the Trailer (Out Of Gauge/ Abnormal Load) we are able to organise the transportation of your machinery to any destination within Europe. We will seek out the relevant permits and comply with the legislation to ensure your machinery arrives safely and legally at your end destination. We operate our own Abnormal Load Escorting and can factor this into the cost of moving your plant at a competitive rate.

However large or complex your load is, we have the equipment and expertise to ensure your machinery is secured and safely transported under STGO CAT 2 conditions, this allows us to transport items under 80,000kg.

Construction + Use

Should you require movement of any construction related supplies alongside your machinery, we are a modern haulier with old fashioned values and one of a very few hauliers that still regularly use roping and sheeting on loads to ensure the products arrive onsite in the best possible condition and are transported out of sight of the general public, this however is a service that can be tailored to preference.

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