M.A. Ponsonby Ltd is a JAUPT Accredited Training Provider with Centre number AC.1869 and is Approved for the delivery of periodic CPC Training for all Driver Employees of the company.

Details are as follows….

  1. In-House Training Course called:- Ponsonby Pro-Driver Essentials
  2. The JAUPT Approval Number is CRS10248-1869.
  3. CPC Course content is Advanced and Technical including all relevant subjects for Experienced HGV & STGO Drivers.
  4. Load Security is also included for all types of Machines on all Types of Trailers:- Chocked, Blocked and Chained.
  5. Truck Drivers Personal Duties in Law, especially to vulnerable persons like Cyclists and Children.
  6. Safe Systems of Work for all Truck Drivers including The Highway Code and its Comprehensive 330 Rules of the Road.
  7. Explanation of the Common Law ‘Duty of Care’ to all other Road Users.
  8. Legal Precedents in Law with regard to no use of Mobile Phones while Driving.


Too many subjects to list, but this Ponsonby CPC Course is an excellent example of how every truck Driver can and will learn something new every day.

M.A. Ponsonby Ltd is a JAUPT Accredited Training Provider