Emergency Truck and Trailer Recovery

M A Ponsonby Emergency Truck and Trailer Recovery was in action this week, we collected and pulled a smashed cab and its load, simultaneously from a very bad accident in Beaugency, France.

It all resulted from a front drivers side blow out with the truck steaming through the Armco and down the side of the motorway into a ditch,  the cab had jackknifed and was a complete wreck, the driver and his daughter on board were very lucky to have escaped without injury.

After being told to “organise everything and send us the bill” by his insurance, we were contacted and asked to help the driver get his truck and trailer back to the midlands.

We loaded up our Doll low loader trailer with our R520 Topline and had the 580 S line pull her down onto the continent. After Winching the wrecked cab onto the detachable neck low loader we coupled up the R520 to the customers trailer, and brought them both home safely to the Midlands.

It is an unfortunate position that any haulier can find themselves in, now whilst we don’t wish this bad fortune on anyone, we will say that if you need help, we are available 24/7 for a Europe wide call out. With  our specialist skills in Abnormal Load movements we are experts in delivering any loads up to STGO Cat2 80tonne GVW, we can deliver your load whilst also returning your truck to your garage simultaneously.

Depending on timescales and each individual situation we can also provide escorting services for the load and reorganise permits for the movements on your behalf. We will organise everything to get your load to its destination and your vehicle back home.

M A Ponsonby – Fors Gold – UK Best Fleet

TruckFest @Malvern Three Counties Showground

Its a beautiful weekend for the Malvern Edition of TruckFest at the Three Counties Showground.

M A Ponsonby have taken two of the Fleet to show over the weekend, the R580 Topline and the beautiful 580 S Line.

If you are travelling to the show, please come down and say hello as we always love to take pictures and greet any fans of the fleet.

We will be there until Sunday evening, and then the trucks will be back out to work first thing Monday morning.

Its busy down at the yard today, maintaining the rest of the fleet and prepping for early bird loads into London tomorrow morning.

It never stops down at M A Ponsonby, Enjoy your weekend! Do what you love and you will love what you do.

M A Ponsonby Ready For the Truck Show Season

After a poor start to the summer with disappointing weather, we had a break in the clouds and gave the 1974 Atkinson Borderer a bath ready to show her at Kelsall Vintage Truck Show. Click Here to watch the full video Ponsonby Fleet Prep Ready For Show Season – Video

We have a couple of our Fleet going to TruckFest – Malvern – Three Counties Showground next weekend! Then its onto the big one, Convoy in the Park and straight after that, a different but no doubt interesting appearance by two of our S-Lines at NottingHill Carnival. This is set to be a real fun summer season of extra curricular work and play! We love it all at M A Ponsonby, keep in touch and upto date with us daily on Twitter – @maponsonby and Instagram – m_a_ponsonby.

FORS GOLD Operator – Award Winning Fleet – Abnormal Load Specialist – STGO CAT 2 – OOG – Hiab – Storage – Want it Moved? We Do It In Style!

Fors Gold Operator – M A Ponsonby

M A Ponsonby is proud to announce that we are a Fors Gold Operator  “Awarded only to exceptional operators”.

Specialists in transporting Abnormal Loads (Out of Gauge) under STGO Cat 2 conditions we move items under 80 tonne gross across the UK and Europe whilst flying the flag for FORS.

After providing significant evidence of our operation and rising through the accreditation scheme from Bronze to Gold we thought it was about time we celebrated our achievement, letting customers new and old know that we have been recognised for our professionalism and efficiency in undertaking your movements.

If you are a potential customer looking for a FORS Gold operator to move your goods, then we have a range of highly adjustable trailers that can get into the tightest of collection and delivery points whilst also accommodating the largest of loads. We really cover all angles when it comes to transporting unusual items, so feel free to get in touch to discuss your movement in more detail. M A Ponsonby can set out a detailed transportation plan, including making all of the relevant permit applications on your behalf.

M A Ponsonby – Flatbed Party @ Notting Hill Carnival August 2019

  • Notting Hill Carnival features two M A Ponsonby Scania 580 S Lines. Our trucks are running between Saturday 24th and Monday 26th of August 2019.
  • Celebrated since 1966 in the borough of Kensington. The event Showcases the best of Caribbean Culture, Artistic talents and Creativity.
  • Set to be the best #Flatbed Party @ the Carnival, our two highly customised trucks will provide the perfect platform. The musicians are ready to make a real impact onboard our award winning trucks.
  •  Catch our trucks live at the event, and be sure to hunt us out and say hello. Mike Ponsonby is giving away signed M A Ponsonby memorabilia for those in exciting carnival dress, so get creative!
  • The event will be streamed online from the Trucks! Keep your eyes peeled for more information on how we can bring the party to wherever you can get internet.

WSI Model to Pre-Order

Coming Soon WSI Model of our VB66 MAP – Scania R520 highline twin tag with 4 axle extendable low loader with flip ramps

Price TBC

To order your model please contact the office on 01543682255.


VB68 MAP our lastest Addition to the M.A. Ponsonby Fleet and is on the road from Today.

M.A. Ponsonby Ltd is a JAUPT Accredited Training Provider

Top benefits of hiring our trucking service

Peace of Mind is Priceless, so said a Famous Irish Philosopher in bygone times. Therefore for those Construction companies who entrust their valuable Machines to a Truck Operator for delivery to a site hundreds of miles distant, it is very important to have peace of mind that their asset is well cared for en-route to that site. This applies to all types of Machines delivered in all types of Weather to all types of Sites, because when the Plant Owner has placed his Trust in M.A. Ponsonby Ltd, we then become the Duty Holder. That Trust is never taken for granted and we look after your Machine, as if we were indeed the Title Holder. To that end all Machines are fully Insured at all times and are Chocked, Blocked and Chained on Trailers to ensure no unwanted movement to the front, side or rear. In fact the Ponsonby Approved Code of Practice details how all machines are loaded and secured in line with Safe Systems of Work.

Thank you for your confidence in my company, please be assured I will uphold your Trust.

Yours Sincerely

Mike A. Ponsonby
Managing Director
M.A. Ponsonby Ltd
Lichfield, Staffs.