Find out why we use M6 Toll…

We were recently asked by the marketing team working in partnership with the M6 Toll if we had a spare morning to talk about why we use the Toll Roads and how this benefits M A Ponsonby LTD. View the below video to find out more.

“Using the M6toll has helped the business grow by saving time meaning we can get another load in a day which is five loads a week and that all adds up.” Mike Ponsonby – Managing Director

Our New Faymonville Megamax Trailer has arrived!

Take a close up look at our new Faymonville Megamax trailer. With an overall length of over 24 m, and a bed capacity of 7.5 m, this low bed trailer when connected to the two-axle jeep dolly can carry a payload of up to 70 tonnes. The bed can be extended up to 12 m in length, and with the remote power steered rear four axles, this trailer is suitable for full width platform lifts or by removing the side mattresses, can be used to belly lift plant and mobile machinery.
All standard HGV’s take great skill to drive and manoeuvre, however we’re pleased to say that here at MA Ponsonby Ltd our drivers exceed the normal, day in, day out.

It’s been a challenging end to the week…

With this MHL380 Fuchs Material Handler needing moving from Purfleet Docks to the dealer in Portishead!
This Machine needed transported by a beam trailer so after removing 14 mattresses, our brand new 2+4 Faymonville was the right trailer for the job!
Thank you to the Escort Driver and our Driver Jason for getting the machine delivered safe & sound!

Into the Blue

VB67 MAP has recently returned to the fleet after its transformation “into the blue.”

This Scania R580 6×4 tractor unit is capable of 150 tonnes GVW under STGO Cat 3 operations and can regularly be seen hauling all types of plant and heavy machinery throughout the UK, when coupled to one of our four axle low bed trailers.

This impressive truck joined the MAP fleet just over 12 months ago and was in the colours of the previous owners – which also just happen to be the colours of the Donegal flag. With the proud connection to our Celtic cousins, it made sense at the time to dress the Scania celebrating this fact and hence the Dun na ngall name on the headboard.

Now that VB67 MAP is wearing the corporate colours, we are pleased that it will be instantly recognised as part of the MA Ponsonby Ltd fleet and belongs to the winning team!

Size Isn’t Everything – But Quality Is!

Something a little different has recently joined the MAP fleet. This P cabbed 4×2 unit started its working life with the Coop Supermarket distribution in the North East of England, hauling baked beans, talcum powder and other everyday goods.

The truck was initially bought to be used a yard shunter, assisting in the workshop with ABS issues on trailers, but we soon realised that this vehicle had far more potential.

Now that P cab has been given the MAP Midas Touch, it is regularly used for transporting lighter loads, taking trailers for MOT, or even on sites where the larger three axle tractor units struggle to access safely.

The wind deflector design pays homage to Mike’s grandfather’s business, D J Ponsonby Ltd – ‘Denis Joseph Ponsonby.’

The name will need no introduction to a lot of people with their roots in road transport (remember those Scania 112’s on the front cover of Truck Magazine?).  Although the business is no more, it carved a path for many of the Ponsonby family to continue in their individual road transport business sectors.

New Faymonville Trailer

The latest addition to the MA Ponsonby diverse trailer fleet is this brand new Faymonville Multimax four axle semi-low loader.


With a maximum GVW of 70,000kg, this fully power steered, double extending trailer (for loads up to 22m in length) can make easy work of a hard job.

The trailer which arrived in March is already proving its capabilities and is shown below working for one of our regular clients moving this “Olympic Class” hopper barge. At 20m long and 4.2m wide, the barge required careful manoeuvring into a busy Stourport boat yard before being craned into the River Severn.

Long (spud) Legs!

As we all know, legs normally come in pairs, but last week these 20m long “spud-legs” were heading down the M6 two by two!

The “spud-legs” are used to stabilise floating craft in deep water and were being moved from Tewkesbury to Ipswich. The two 25 metre long combinations required the use of our extending flat trailers, one of them a  Nooteboom power steered triple extender.

Here they are seen arriving at Corley Services complete with our own self escort safely guarding the rear.


VB66 MAP Transformation

VB66 MAP has always been well recognised as the Peaky Blinders truck on the MAP fleet, but over the last few months some dramatic changes have taken place to this award-winning vehicle. In September 2020, it was stripped down to the bare essentials and sent to Chassis Engineering in Stoke on Trent to be converted from a 6×2 tractor unit to 6×2 drawbar prime mover. It is now fitted with an 8.5m cheese-wedge flat body, twist locks and an 8 tonne winch. This truck is ideal for loading plant, machinery and road vehicles.


VB20 MAP with a CAT D6






VB20 MAP joined the fleet in September 2020 and as you can see is certainly pulling its weight. Seen here transporting a CAT D6 dozer on route from Purfleet to Caterpillar at Cannock, the 24-tonne machine gives an all-up weight of approximately 50 tonnes.  STGO movements are a regular task for the Ponsonby fleet, with a large variety of suitable trailers, whether it be multi-axle, extendable or low bed.

FORS Silver – Accreditation continued

Once again we are pleased to confirm that MA Ponsonby Ltd has successfully passed the annual audit to maintain the FORS Silver Standard.

As the fleet continues to grow, both with additional vehicles and an ever increasing variety of trailer types, the FORS Silver Standard ensures the Company can continue to offer professional and qualified services to clients, particularly those engaged with such projects as HS2.